Heavy Duty Playground Equipment For Parks

The heavy duty steel playground equipment range is designed and manufactured for use in municipal and public parks. Manufactured from heavy guage steel the range is able to withstand the rigours of continous unsupervised usage which is of critical importance due to there being no control over by who and how the playground equipment in a public park is used. Safeplay has supplied playground equipment to Durban municipality for the public parks within the eThekwini municipal region for over 40 years.

Playground equipment suitable for use by municipalities in municpal parks and public spaces needs to be manufactured from heavier duty steel and components than playground equipment designed and manufactured for private home use and schools, creches and aftercare faclities. With playground equipment and apparatus in municpal and public parks there is often no control over how and by whom the playground equipment is used. It can be subject to heavy usage by large numbers of children and often adults so it needs to be strong enough to handle even large adults that may decide to use it. 

The design of municipal playground equipment also needs to consider the effects of potential intentional vandalism so items such as commando nets and rope cannot be incorporated into the design as these can easily be damaged, destroyed or stolen by vandals with malicious intent. For this reason heavy duty playground equipment does not usually incorporate design elements and features found on light duty equipment intended for use in a controlled environment.

H.W. Commons has been manufacturing and supplying heavy duty playground equipment to municipalities for many decades, in fact many of the municipal playground apparatus found in parks in and around Durban are based on designs that we introduced over 40 years ago.

We are able to manufacture and supply playground equipment that meet the requirements of municipal playground equipment tenders and have worked with many companies and individuals to provide playground equipment for tender fulfillment.

Details of our heavy duty range of playground equipment will be added shortly.       


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