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The Safeplay Mini See-Saw comprises a galvanised tubular steel crossbar with shaped eco friendly Timber Plastic seats and tubular steel 'T' handles at each end. The cross bar pivots on a tubular steel inverted 'U'  fulcrum implanted into the ground.
Great apparatus for children to develop interpersonal skills, foster the concepts of teamwork as well as build trust in each other as the See-Saw requires two children to enable it to function. 
  • Tubular steel crossbar and fulcrum base.
  • Shaped Meranti timber seats.
  • Tubular Steel "T" handles.
  • Finished in brightly coloured quality enamel paint. 
  • Child safe design and construction ensure the safety of your child during play.
  • Quality materials, manufacturing methods and finish based on many years as a leader in the manufacture, supply and installation of Steel playground equipment.
  • A whole lot of Fun.
  • Galvanised steel used in construction for rust proofing and corrosion protection.
  • All welds are full welds, ground down and cleaned up painted with cold galv for further rust prevention.
  • Painted with PA10 undercoat as further protection against rust and corrosion.
  • All steel work finished with two coats of enamel gloss paint. 
  • Eco friendly & UV resistant weatherproof Timber Plastic seats. 




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