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The Safeplay Mini Combo Jungle gym comes standard with crawling tunnel, platform, commando net and rings thus providing a wide variety of play options.

  • Tubular steel Jungle Gym framework for climbing activities. Builds a child grip strength and hand eye co-ordination.
  • Suspended steel drum for crawling through enable children to overcome claustrophobia and provide barrels of fun.
  • Elevated platform provides a rest area for children within the Jungle Gym for when one needs to take a quick break from all the exciting play options that this Jungle Gym has to offer.
  • A commando net for climbing, the flexibility of which enhances hand - foot - eye co-ordination.
  • Steel rings suspended from chains are great for hanging and swinging from while building upper body strength and muscular control.
  • Finished in brightly coloured quality enamel paint. 
  • Child safe design and construction ensure the safety of your child during play.
  • Quality materials, manufacturing methods and finish based on many years as a leader in the manufacture, supply and installation of Steel playground equipment.
  • A whole lot of Fun.     
  • Galvanised pipe, drum and chain used in construction for rust proofing and corrosion protection.
  • All welds are full welds, ground down, cleaned up and painted with cold galv for further rust prevention.
  • Painted with PA10 undercoat as further protection against rust and corrosion.
  • All steel work finished with two coats of enamel gloss paint. 
  • Eco friendly & UV resistant weatherproof Timber Plastic platform.    
  • The Safeplay Mini-Combo Jungle Gym is the half size version of the larger Safeplay Maxi-Combo Jungle Gym. The only difference between the two is the reduced size of the main jungle gym framework.
  • The Mini-Combo Jungle Gym can be supplied with optional extras such as a fibre glass slide chute and swing attachments. The options can be supplied and fitted to the jungle gym as part of the the original configuration or added at a later stage. 



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